Corporate Social Responsibility

In view of the achieved success, the group of the companies under the leadership of EQUIS INVEST CONSULTING spol. s r.o. considers it as natural to participate in public service activities.

For this purpose, the Kriváň Foundation was established in 1994. Due to legislation changes, it was transformed into the Kriváň Non-investment Fund with effect from 1 September 1997.

The main activity of the Fund is the support of sporting, artistic and scientific research projects that are very financially demanding and thus less accessible (e.g. participation in foreign expeditions, editing publications, etc.). Our aim is to ensure at least partial financial coverage of such projects or to organize them directly.

logo NF Krivan

During its existence, the Kriváň Non-investment Fund was the main organizer or at least co-organizer of several events worth mentioning of which we state, for illustration purposes, the most important expeditions: Shishapangma 94 (Nepal, South China); Pakistan 95 (Pakistan, India); India 96 (India); Mount Everest 98 (China); Shishapangma 2001 (China); Honduras, Guatemala 2002; Ethiopia, Sudan 2003; Mongolia, Siberia 2004; Cho Oyu 2005 (China); Cho Oyu, Shishapangma 2006 (China);  Aconcagua 2009 (Argentina); Alaska – Denali 2016; and Antarctica – Mt. Vinson 2018.

Filmový dokument Everest

The Fund has contributed financially to filming the following documentaries: Tien Shan Expedition (directed by Ján Izák), and Everest, Juzek Psotka (directed by Pavol Barabáš); as well as to publishing the following books: Zora Palová, Štepán Pala (by Dan Klein and Sabina Jankovská), Peter Roller (by Ľubomír Longauer), Paul Gauguin: Wood Carving and Cutting (by Ľubomír Podušel), Chronicle of Events in Tekov (by Jozef Pacala), and several books by Milan Vrank (Slovak Himalayan Adventure, Missing Everest Climbers, End of Spiders in the Tatras, Execution on Nanga Parbat, and others).