Human Resources

Temporary Employment Agency

  • Currently, we provide services through more than 300 workers
  • Provision of workers through the temporary employment agency (personnel service)
  • Provision of workers for specific areas (welders, locksmiths, powder varnishers, etc.)
  • Quality control by our staff in the customer’s premises or in our premises with the possibility of providing warehouse space
  • IT services, providing IT experts for both short and long-term projects with the following focus: SAP Production Planning, SAP SD, SAP MM, Java Programming, and ABAP
  • Mechanical and electronic maintenance of parts of machinery, equipment and technology
  • Manufacture of support mechanisms and devices for production
  • Business partners – VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA, Bekaert Hlohovec, SCHNELLECKE SLOVAKIA, SDC Slovakia, ECS Slovensko, ALRO-SLOVAKIA, ARP MANUFACTORY, and others

Permanent Placement and Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing of production in our own production premises, assembly, pre-assembly, completion of products from finished components for automotive and engineering industries. At present, we have production facilities ranging from 500 m2 to 3,500 m2 and a staff capacity of 40 employees minimum up to the maximum number required by customers. All production facilities are located within a radius of 100 km from Trnava.
  • Outsourcing of production in the customer’s premises (parts of production, logistics, etc.). The goal is to reduce costs, improve quality, and eliminate the customers’ problem regarding their own staff.
  • Permanent Placement (providing workers from third countries outside the EU, such as Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc.). Ensuring work visas and all the requirements associated with work permits, as well as integrating workers into the work process of an applicant.

Training, Retraining and Accommodation

  • Organization of training – performed by an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
  • Organization of retraining in various fields
  • Providing accommodation in our own accommodation facilities