Alternative Investments

To maintain a balanced and stable investment portfolio even during the crisis and market fluctuations, it is necessary to diversify it through the so-called alternative investments. For this reason, we provide our clients with advisory and intermediary services for the purchase and sale of works of art and collectibles, especially of Slovak or Czechoslovak provenance, either by direct purchase or by representation on auctions. Acquisitions are preceded by financial market analysis and price level determination for a specific item. Some realized acquisitions are unique in the Slovak Republic.


In the past, we mediated the purchase of artworks by Ľudovít Fulla, František Foltýn, Ladislav Mednyánszky, Ján Mudroch, Martin Benka, Béla Kádár and Wassily Kandinsky, as well as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque sculptures of high artistic value.


As regards collecting, our activities concentrate primarily on the area of philately, numismatics and antiques, mostly of Slovak or Czechoslovak provenance, where, for many years, we have been ensuring the acquisition of collectible items of only the highest quality.

Representation and Financial Estimates

The company provides a comprehensive package of services from finding suitable items, through their appraisal and purchase, up to providing the necessary documentation for their import or export. We also apply a similar procedure to the appraisal and sale of inherited property.

Over the last three decades, through continuous investment, EQUIS INVEST CONSULTING has created one of the major Slovak collections of artworks and postage stamps.